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it was a lack of understanding of the importance of the latino community. i think they don't understand how fast we're growing, how influential we have become and how politicians are now forced to respond to the issues that affect latinos. i think that they over saw that. i don't think they really paid attention. >> sometimes we are invisible and we are fighting so hard not to be invisible. the commission of presidential debates are stuck in the 1950s. they still think the country could be divided between men and women and that's it. they do not realize that one in every three persons in the united states is from a minority. they think it is okay it have an african-american president but they don't think it's okay to have an african-american or hispanic journalist as a moderator for the debates. what we did, it was our wonderful response to this oversight, this huge oversight. instead they didn't want to invite us tthe party so we had our own party. >> and that party turned out pretty good. >> so, yeah, maybe. >> you mean the presidential forums you're having? >> yes. >> which came after you wer
that closed achievement for african-americans are listed here. closing the achievement gap for latino students are listed here. english language learners similarly. so one thing we asked our principals to share with us is in your voice what you attribute to some of these accelerated growth areas into, and recently we had the opportunity to hear them share with their colleagues and we tried to summarize a few examples of that. i'm not going to read all of these points but i want to point out some of the things that were mentioned by our principals starting with the first row there. our principal at rosa parks, paul jacob son and you were recognized as a school closing the gap for english language learners. we know that the data has improved 19-point 2%. what is going on there? the principal in the description gave three categories. i focused. i fixed. i featured. they talked about structure and assessment. they made a conscious effort at reducing suspensions and having restorative practices and pay attention to english development as well and collaboration was an important p
that perhaps african-americans and latinos have. we call it sometimes affirmative action for white people, because we made so many things possible for white people. but you have this divide, where white people are, like, "we did not get any help. what are you talking about?" but they did. tavis: the tea party and others are not filled with african american members, so how do you explain that? the people that receive so much help, the gi bill, social security, the things he laid out in the book, how do you explain that the people doing the attacking are by and large people not of color? >> well, we really have a problem in the country of deserving versus undeserving poor. something that you deserve and worked for, other people getting a different kind of help. i think every study shows -- why we saw with the tea party, they would say, "get the government out of my medicare," not realizing that medicare is a government program. the way government has helped them is kind of like the colorless, odorless entity in their lives. a percentage of the budget that goes towards the traditional welfar
gracias. >>jóvenes latinos en escuelas de estados unidos estan bajo varios retos >>austriaco que queria romper record de caida libre el viento rompe con sus planes <>>uno de cada cinco alumnos es latino en estados unidos sin embargo tenemos el nivel más bajo en cuanto a logros educativos, en nuestra campaña es el momento analizamos y formentamos por qué es importante educarse e impulsar los estudios >>la consecuencia de falta de educacion son severas y profundas >>hay muchos factores que el estudiante latino enfrenta dia a dia, presencia de pandillas, drogas, pobreza, maestros inexpertos >gran cantidad de maestros van a las peores escuelas, quien quiere enseñar en un lugar así >>son fábricas de desercion >>su futuro será apenas un salario mínimo, muchos de ellos terminan en la cárcel >>un recluso en california cuesta más de 50 mil dólares por año, no se puede construir más reclusorios que escuelas públicas >>a los padres que estudiar a nivel universitario, cambiará por completo el nivel de sus hijos, tendran oportunidades en la vida inimaginables. >>que padre latino no qu
prometió a la gente y no solo a los latinos sino que a todos los americanos. >> también una protesta sobre el maltrato a elefantes de circo. >> antes de ir al auditorio el presidente obama participó de otro evento en el hotel intercontinental y mañana irá a ohio, regreso con ustedes. >> el presidente barack obama designó monumento nacional donde murió el sindical del campo. >> jair nos tiene los detalles. >> desde temprano las personas se fueron en este autobús para la visita del presidente obama que haría un monumento a cesar chávez. >> soy ex campesina y siempre aple w aple wle a cesar chávez y era un ídolo. >> humberto gómez vivió la lucha del lider de los campesinos. >> lo conocí y cesar fue para nosotros el martin luther king. >> los que no lo conocieron decidieron venir también y quienes solo conocen su legado. >> me presenté a las 4 y 10 y si bato wle un poco para despertarme y ahorita esto muy emocionada y pues si muy emocionada para ver al presidente. >> y con ese objetivo en común alrededor de mil personas fueron en la paz y hasta ahí llegaron 32 autobuses de dif
the widest gap. it is something we are being attentive to. african-american, latino, native american and samoan. and while the district overall trend was 10% growth, what you notice over a five-year trend is african-american growth has bested the district average of 13% improvement, latino at 10% equal to the district's growth, native american at 14%, and samoan at 11%. the next slide is similar, but in the content area of mathematics on the state test. again, 8.2% district overall growth trend, african-american comparison 13% growth over five years, latino 10%, native american 7, and samoan 11%. >> superintendent, i'm just wondering if there is anyway maybe later on to get the numbers of where the anglo and asian-american students are. >> okay. so, maybe in this next slide, we get to that point. so, this next slide is actually on the english language arts achievement gap. so, what's highlighted in this one are two line graphs, one for african-american/latino, and the top line graph actually represents the district average. and what i want to point out is, again, a different way to r
. >>> el candidato republicano no ha podido atraer los votantes latinos si la elecciÓn de hoy 72% de los electores latinos votarÍan por obama y 28% por romney. >>> entre ellos varios con altas conc concentraciones de votantes hispanos illinois, nuevo mÉxico, ohio y texas. si necesita mÁs informaciÓn como registrarse, ingrese a "". no le quedÓ mÁs remedio que ordenar las reservas de combustibles para contrarrestar las alzas. desde san francisco. luis meji por quÉ estÁ cara en california. >>> el ault en el precio de la gasolina. >>> lo necesario, solo para el trabajo. >>> seguramente muchas veces, he escuchado y compartido la frustraciÓn de los conductores prÁcticamente voy a decir.... todo va subiendo y nada va bajando. los precios no habÍan pasado antes. y este pagando 495 por galÓn. suficiente como para motivar a los ladrones. estos 2 fueron captados por una coma? tratan de robar gasolina en una estaciÓn de servicio en sacramento. el precio de california llega con 4 dÓlares con 66 el galon y que sea el promedio en algunas Áreas ha superado los 5 dÓlares co
students, and you also see the same pattern for the targeted groups, african-american and latinos and we do it also for english learners and special ed, so each school has their sample acceleration in of these and gives an index how they're moving their students compared to other students in the district. our second -- actually goal one. it's just presented as second is accessing equities. under accessing equity we will look at the same results but aggregating the data for the different subgroups of programs and definitely eighth grade algebra because that's a milestone in the district. so when we looked at all the ethnic groups where the performance is below the district's average they were african-american, latino, native american and samoan and in the first slide where we clapped 10% was the overall district trend, so each group either matched or exceeded the district's five year trend which is what we would call narrowing the achievement gap, so can you see the group -- you can see the scores of every sub group. the next slide that we will show is how did the other subgroups do? y
in the public schools, its was no secret to coleman advocates parents and students that african-american, latino and pacific islanders were receiving a different quality of education. in 2007 we found that african-americans were ranked dead last in api scores for all major urban school districts in california. this was the low below even special education students in their api scores for [speaker not understood]. the next year coleman fought for the board of education to close the achievement gap. that resolution to ensure the upcoming district strategic plan was focused on addressing the racial achievement grape in inequity in our school. thankfully the board passed that unanimously. however, the gap has widened, especially for african-american students. many of you might have seen the report that came out talking about the 2011 released analysis comparing the progress of california school districts. unfortunately san francisco received an overall grade of d. and in particular the african-american students as it relates to sfusd, we ranked 127 out of 128. i want to have one of our parent leader
... inauguraba el primer monumento de un lider sindical latino. tenemos el informe. avanza la semana laboral y se espera abundante neblina y temperaturas frescas, detalles de este pronostico despues mitt r romney acusa a la administracion obama por la falta de liderazgo en politica exterior en referencia a hugo chavez, fidel castro y el medio oriente...fernando pizarro nos amplia..*+ un dia despues de la reeleccion de hugo chavez a la presidencia de venezuela, el candidato presidencial republicano mitt romney, acuso al presidente obama de falta de liderazgo global. mitt romney, nominado presidencial republicanoy en nue nuestros vecinos en america latina quieren resistir la ideologia fallida de hugo chavez y los hermanos castro, y quieren profundizar los lazos con estados unidos en comercio, energia y seguridad. pero en todos esos lugares, se pregunta, cual es la posicion de estados unidos.?" el departamento de estado, en un comunicado de 1 portavoz, se limito a felicitar al pueblo venezolano por la alta y pacifica asistencia a las urnas, y que la opinion de los 6 millones que votaron por la oposi
with these three subgroups listed, african-american, latino and samoan is you see four columns after that. whether they're on track, you see a c. these are students who are getting a c or better in the a through g core sequence. that means they're taking courses for california state university or university of california eligible. so, these are students who are on track for doing that. these are our present juniors in high school right now. you'll notice that we have 2,122 students who are on track. it's not a typo. we have the exact same number of students based on sort of our best data today that are not on track. so, that means we don't have a c or better in all of their courses on that a through g sequence. in the third or fourth column where it says on track or off track d, these are students who are getting a d or better in that same core sequence. so, they can get a d in the a through g core sequence and meet district graduation requirements because they're taking the core sequence that they wouldn't be eligible to apply for a csu or uc school. so, what you're going to notice in the fourth
atrasada a cambio de una tarifa alta. y muchos latinos caen oyendo comerciale s. aracely panameno, centro de prestamos responsables yo creo que verdadera viene y procede de programas radiales. los comerciales radiales e informeciales donde 1 person que suena como nosotros, que dice soy de tu comunidad, tengo tu misma experiencia. fernando pizarro, washington d.c 1 de las voces de alerta que debieran tener todos los consumidores es que cuando 1 persona que le ofrece modificar o arreglar 1 hipoteca en problemas, le sugiere dejar de comunicarse con su banco o peor aun, dejar de pagar la hipoteca." la mayoria de esas ofertas son demasiado buenas para ser veridicas y son 1 fraude. desde washington, fernando detectives del condado de fairfax han arrestado a manuel garces de 30 anos por cargos de homicidio. segun la policia, un hombre fue encontrado muerto en el bloque 5400 de la calle broadmoor el pasado domingo. aparentemente fue asaltado y en medio del atraco recibio un golpe que al parecer le quito la vida. la victima de este crimen fue identificada como mark earl de 30 anos y quien residia
from latino civil rights leader caesar chavez. the president and national latino leaders dedicated a new national monument for chavez today. we have a flurry of new tv ads to dissect. we're going to get to at least a couple we hope. first one, let me ask you, michelle, the romney campaign released a new tved a with a liar argument. here is a part of it. >> president obama continues to distort mitt romney's plan. the latest not telling the truth about the tax plan. even the obama campaign admitted it wasn't true. >> jennifer: actually i'm going to ask this one of karl, because the romney campaign isn't telling anybody whether the ad is running. >> i think it's disenginous and ironic that they would release an ad calls lying, and not tell anybody where it is returning. if you want to give 20% tax cuts to every american that is $5 trillion. what is difficult is to get really detailed on romney's plans when they are not laid out specifically. so what you find from the fact checkers is that they are not being completely accurate but they always put in there the discl
does the african-american, latino community, the samoan community get out of the capital project? what is the unemployment rate of the same people that we're talking about? where do you spend your money? because you can't wait till a kid gets to school then all of a sudden he's going to do something and they come up with no money in their house, home. for the parents to help kid. and that's the city and the school district. take a look at how much money that went towards communities that we are talking about. it's cause and effect. if you don't put the money out there in those communities, look what happened out at the school, tearing down the willie brown academy. no blacks. and then you get out here and talk about everything else, but cannot talk about the real problem. the real problem is it's discriminatory and exploitation and lockout of those communities. the black community, the latino community and of course the -- everybody that's locked out. we need to deal with that. now, give me the statistics on that. i heard statistics on everything else. i haven't heard one person mentio
obama wants to sure up votes in support for latinos in a tight presidential race, he resisted making this a political speech. >> he came this to honor the man. you know, and the legacy that cesar chavez left. >> although sha chavez was born in arizona, this place is where he did his most significant work, often working out of this very simple wooden house. the monoyou monument contains the old headquarters. this was the birthplace of nationwide boycotts, strikes, by the labor and civil rights leader from 1971 until his death in 1993. his office just as he left it is now a museum and the rose garden is chavez's final resting place. >> what do you think cesar would have said about this today? >> don't stop. we haven't finished. keep on going. work harder to accomplish more. >> the cause chavez fought for, warm worker rights and human dignity lives on. in keen, cbs 5. >>> meanwhile, mitt romney's performance in last week's debate has given him a big bounce right past the president in one new national poll. a research survey out this afternoon gives the republican nominee a 4 poin
latino and sano an students in particular. >> could we request that he we put that particular item on the next meet something. >> sure. any of us that are the committee can certainly share that k personally request that this be shared with the committee. >> thank you very much. >> and if ihiya . >> you will have to look it up on the website. and the board of education by four aye's and approve the amount made available to reinstate a settlement fund. in the matter of san francisco unified school district versus pierce street the board of education by four aye's and three absent approve authorization for district and insurance company to pursue damage claim through litigation if necessary. for the read out for tonight's closed session september 25, 2012 public employment the board by a vote of six aye's and one absence approved the contract for one assistant superintendent. other items posted in the agenda is the staff report and classified personnel transactions. meeting adjourned. thank you very much. >> thank you, everyone, for coming. i welcome to the opening of scoots san
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research that found that selectivity definitely has economic benefit force black and latino students. no economic benefits over the long term for white students but unquestionable benefits for black and latino students. what do you say to that? >> alan kruger didn't say they were unquestionable benefits and our work is peer reviewed. there's a mountain of articles on which it's based. those 11 scholars focused on one debate in which there isn't a single critique that is peer reviewed. the weight of the evidence is on our side. kruger is an excellent economist and his article is an important one, but there are about six articles i can point you to all very well-done that can mix conclusions on the earnings issue. whether you earn more, if by getting a preference over your long-term career is an open question. the issue of whether you survive? science, whether you pass bar exams, whether you are likely to have good grades, those aren't largely debates. they can see there's a problem. >>ed i would add the so-called empirical scholars that said our work was shoddy. i think their brief is
my father's life and contributions of latinos and immigrants. all of the hard work they've done to make this great land. cÑñr an effort to boltster support from the hispanic community. judging by the crowd he more than succeeded. >> very happy, very proud, today, we've created history. >> one of the thing that's caught me was a?È statementzv aa national monument it's capturing part of the american that is unseen, farm workers are part of america. >> the monument is destined to become a place of pilgrimage to a man inspiring farm workers and presidents. >> our world is a better place because caesar chavez decided to change it. let us honor his fem -- memory and live up to his example. >> the national parks service expects the nation yam monument toxl become a culturalú and historic, destination.s >> and the president will head to ohio tomorrow, very important in this election before returning tozthezv white house, we're going to hear from mitt romney later in this that have the. >> bill clinton will be in the area tomorrow, he's scheduled to appear in a campaign event at uc
people were thriving in the u.s., but latinos were still disen franchised. >> no one seemed to care about the farm workers who picked the nation's food. unable to demand the most basic rights. caesar cared. chavez who died in 1993, is buried on the site. while the election is a month away. you don't have to wait to vote. officials have the go ahead to send out vote by mail ballots. it is not too late to register to vote. if you have already registered and want to sign up to vote by mail, that deadline is the 30th. >> this evening the children and friends of susie co will remember her. fbi agents spent the day searching for evidence in the hu hurcules home. >> we are trying to collect more evidence the supautopsy was doe this morning indicating that she was stabbed and there was blunt force trauma to the head. >> a second grade teacher known for her humor and kindness to strangers. they are trying to find her automobile. it has license plate 1a1f680. police say there has been an in crete in burglaries. looking for any kind of physical evidence that may help solve this case. we know that th
in smart phone. >>> caters to latinos. various community groups are investigating in the decision to take part in the federal program kuled e-verify that checks the status of employees. pueblo said it's participating after a federal audit of its workers' immigration status. pueblo said it will rehire any worker fired for being in the country illegally once they gain legal status. >>> why changing scenery could also mean a giant change in your play off perspective. >>> the motto here is go big or go home. we'll show you which of these monstrous boards won the big prize of the pumpkin way off in bay today. >>> and i'm back here at 7:20 with the latest computer model. it shows some sprinkles out there. i'll line it up for you and show you when you can expect the chance [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad wa
-american achievement gaps in high schools, which we also ended up talking about the latino achievement gaps and it was really alarming. very disappointing the statistics that we heard today. as miss johnson mentioned we're asking that the housing authority hearings finally be made public, because we need more transparency this and we're asking for a right to return to public housing. we wrote legislation about that, so we have been spending tons of time in the community. >> miss selby. >> i just wanted to say what i want for this district, i don't have the advantage of actually being in office now, but what i want for this district is a safe and thriving district and i want a strong voice for neighborhoods at city hall. i'm the only mother who is running and when i win, i will be the only mother at the board of supervisors. i am the small business person, had my own small business for the last ten years. believe me, i know what this city does and doesn't do for small business and it can definitely do more. finally i believe i'm the only president of a neighborhood and merchant organizatio
or white values or black values or latino values or gay or straight values. i'm fighting for american values. they belong to all of us. san francisco. we are not as divide as our politics would suggest. >> reporter: more than 6,000 people paid anywhere from $100 to $20,000 a piece to see the president. president obama laid out accomplishments like the affordable care act, the repeal of don't ask don't tell, tax cuts for the middle class and jobs creation. he also talked specifically about last week's debate saying mitt romney's facts don't hold up. >> a few nights ago, suddenly a guy pretending to be mitt romney stood on a stage next to me. and said he is his plan. he is just going to pretend it doesn't exist. what $5 trillion tax cut? i don't know anything about a $5 trillion tax cut. don't pay any attention to that tax cut behind the curtain. >> reporter: the crowd did boo at any mention of mitt romney and the president had some advice. he said don't boo, vote. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >>> more details of the president's money trail. mr. obam
reconocimient o no solo a cesar chavez sino a los miles de campesinos, latinos y muchos mas que se sacrificaron... ---posteriormente obama junto a miembros de la familia chavez visito la tumba del lider campesino que se encuentra en la misma propiedad y que tambien forma parte del monumento... ---cesar chavez murio en 1993. blanca ---un grupo de manifestantes detenidos en san francisco el fin de semana, podria estar vinculado a un acto de vandalismo ocurrido el mes pasado. take vo ---este video del sabado muestra a la polica preparandose para detener a los inconformes cerca de las calles california y battery. ---los manifestantes marcharon por el area, vandalizando vehiculos y negocios. ---al menos 20 personas fueron arrestadas. ---el mes pasado, la estacion de policia en la mision fue vandalizada por personas que protestaron el tiroteo donde estuvo involucrado un policia. ---las autoridades creen que algunos de los detenidos tambien pudieron haber participado en ese acto delictivo. stop for open blanca ---el futuro del suspendido alguacil de san francisco, ross mirkarimi, est por definirse. ta
underserved communities. for example, 35% of our borrowers are hispanic or latino. 22% african-american. 60% free mail, and 30% immigrant. -- 60% female. types of businesses -- we will make loans as small as $500 and as large as $100,000. they can range from home-based very small businesses like child care, people selling in the flea market, on up to janitorial, landscaping, restaurants, dry cleaners, and in some cases, small manufacturers. we sometimes bridges of it in even larger transactions if we think there's community benefits, we might wind collectively with the city's working solutions fund or with another lender. so far, -- and we work throughout the bay area. we work in four bay area counties, said francisco obviously being one of the importance, but also said the clara, san mateo, alameda. we have laid out over $15 million to bay area businesses with a medium loan size of about $7,000 -- median loan size of about $7,000. who do we work with? principally, we want to work with businesses that have at least one year of sales history. we will look at start of businesses in the case w
logro pasar esto, también logro pasar la reforma de salud que beneficia a 9 millones de latinos, usted puede pasar entonces una reforma migratoria integral, es así? >>y sin pensar contestó, exactamente >>furiosa esta olga tañón al presentarse en corte, contra juan igor gonzález por la patria potestad de su hija. >>el no acudio >>si él queria verme de frente porqué no estuvo, porque'no dio la cara >>olga tañón tuvo que irse antes de que terminara la audiencia por un malestar de su hija >>ahora vamos con pamela >>y damos la bienvenida a alquien a quien queremos mucho en primer impacto. david bisbal >>vamos con preguntas de tus fanaticas mediante skype >>annabel pregunta. >>a ver, annabel >>hola, david, soy annabel desde córdova españa, mi pregunta si tuvieras que poner un nombre de titulo de canción a tus diez años de carrera, cual seria >>la historia de un amor, por lo que ha sido, los sentimientos que me produce la música. >>me encanta el titulo, vamos con ana y la siguiente pregunta, que es del club de fans en estados unidos >>hola, david, soy ana garcía, soy de miami,
. on the eastern shore, a slight chance were sprinkles tomorrow. we should be cloudy. ocean city latino were some good weather after some fog burns off tomorrow morning. but some sun on thursday. 70 tomorrow. sunny and cool on thursday. maybe a sprinkle and a few spots of that second front. beautiful weather for the reuters on saturday. comfortable at 65 and nice football weather on sunday with a high around 70. >> is the story we brought you first yesterday. >> the comeback is in the way in the insect world. why the worst stink bug infestation is in our neck of the woods. >> i got my inspiration from native americans. they wear a lot of feathers. i can do something bigger and better. >> this local teen took that inspiration and ran with it. her business is lending her national attention. national attention. as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any ch
that tends to lean republican. but when you look at latinos and young people, enthusiasm among young people down 20 points, enthusiasm among latinos, down 8 points from 2008. those are important voting blocs for the president. >> you've got it, and the deal is this, mitt romney's going to win seniors, 60% of seniors, something like that. he's going to win massively, and tear all going to go vote because they do, because they're good citizens, and they read, and they go vote. that's the deal. what barack obama did in 2008 was expanded the universe of potential democratic voters. he brought in a lot of first-time voters. the footprint of minority voters, the footprint of young voters was larger inside the electorate than usual. the problem with doing that is he promised them a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff in order to do that. and, of course, the reality of governance and the reality of what he was able to do and what he really wanted to do and what his priorities were didn't necessarily match up with the rhetoric of 2008. so they may be feeling a little disillusioned. the other thing is democ
wants to shore up votes and support from latinos in a tight presidential race he resisted making this a political speech. >> he came here to dedicate this to honor the man and the legacy that cesar chavez left us. >> reporter: although chavez was born in arizona and spent many years growing up in his early adulthood in san jose, this place la paz is where he did his most significant work often working out of this very simple wooden house. the monument in the town of keane near bakersfield also contains the old headquarters of the united farm workers union. this was the birthplace of nationwide boycotts, strikes and fasts by the labor and civil rights leader from 1971 to 1993. the rose garden is his final resting place what do you think cesar would have said about this today? >> don't stop. we haven't finished. keep going. work harder to accomplish more. >> reporter: the cause chavez fought for farm worker rights lives on. in eene, len ramirez, cbs 5. >>> the president is at a fundraiser at the bill graham civic auditorium. tickets are $20,000 per person. we'll have more on the m
florida with the latino vote and african-american vote. i'll see you there tomorrow night. >> you can tell we're getting closer and closer to the election. we feel compelled to get out into the country and report from other places. thanks a lot. i appreciate it. >> thank you, rachel. >> thank you to you at home for joining us. we are broadcasting not from new york, but from california. i did a book event in santa barbara yesterday for my book "drift." i spoke to a room of about 2,000 people, which is unnerving if. you're not used to doing that sort of thing. and i talked about my book. i got asked a question at this event about the political impact of the first presidential debate. and the way it went seems to be important in understanding the temperature of the country on the presidential race right now. most everybody agrees that the first debate was won quite handedly by the republican challenger mitt romney and lost very much by president obama. but yesterday in santa barbara, i told this giant room full of people in this theater when asked about this subject that as clearly and as cle
of this nation. as i got older, they reminded me of the clear truth. there were blacks, whites, latinos and asians. there were a gay folks and street books all marching for justice in america. they told me that you need to remember this from the beaches of normandy were there were black folks and white folks and gay folks. you need to remember this. when people were fighting to expand, it everybody involved. we knew we were all in it together. deep and real african proper was true. if you want to go fast you go alone, if you want to go far you go to together. so now it is time we go together. the dream of america is still just as urgent. this is still just as real. we are not finished with this nation yet. the word of our founders, liberty and justice for all, are still as operational as long as there is a person in this country that does not enjoy the same rights as their brother or their sister when it comes to voting rights, when it comes to marriage rights, when it comes to civil rights. when it comes to social security and tax law and visitation and adoption. as long as there are t
week's debate while romney is making strong gains, especially among women, latino, and independent voters. >> the trajectory of the race appears to have changeed dramatically in the wake of the debate. we saw obama with small to significant large leads throughout the campaign, throughout most of the campaign. steady leads and that apparently is over. >> reporter: there was more bad news for the obama campaign. this time coming from the producers of sesame street. the children's television workshop asked the obama campaign today to stop air is airing a new commercial featuring big bird that hit the air today. spot mocks mitt romney's talk that he would stop funding to the pbs. >>> staying on the rice race to the white house, vice president joe biden and his rival paul ryan will go head-to-head in kentucky thursday night but they're not the only ones looking for debate-related boost. all of danville is hoping to benefit. streets repaved, and new signs in the small town and stores are stocked up on politically- themed merchandise. center college will play host. >> the campus has been
that was the opportunity, and it takes us out of the stereotype as women or as gay voters or latino voters that we don't just care about one-sided issues, but the economy is at the core. so i kind of like that it shows that women are tuning in, paying attention, and we are concerned about issues that are much bigger than the stereotypical ones, but, yes, those would have helped too. >> to your point i think the president wasn't sure which mitt romney was going to show up at the debate. now he knows and knows how to prepare for him -- >> but that's no guarantee he's not going to change again for the next debate. >> that's fair. >>en owe the specific point of his performance, do you believe that mitt romney is a good improviser? one of the things we have picked up is that when he's on script, he can deliver an okay speech. but he's not dizzy gillespie. he can't improvise that well. this could be a strategy that goes down a bad path for him ultimately. it's all very well for his wife and sons to say be yourself. that could be problematic for mitt romney. >> i think that's exactly right. probably the bigg
anglos and latinos? how do you make the state feel whole? >> well, it's whole and home for me, chris, because i have been here over a quarter century. as you know, working in health care, working along the border, working as a police officer, working as a professor at the university. so the people know me and they consider me one ever their own and they're very proud of me stepping up to serve my country once again. >> because i look at someone like your governor, without going after her too roughly, i just sense that her brand of politics is division. >> yes, chris. there's a lot of division here and it's one of the reasons i decided to step up. you know, all of the democrats and even the moderate republicans that i deal with every single day, they're just fed up with this finger pointing and extremist rhetoric that's out here and it's hurtful and painful and doesn't solve any problems. i believe the people are behind me because they see me as a reasonable person willing to solve their problems. >> let's talk about the tradition of western democrat. i came into politic was frank mos
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